Picture yourself walking a narrow road through the woods every morning.
Imagine the tall fir trees, the grazing cows, the sound of the stream and the scent of resin.
Imagine the blue sky and the clouds running fast, and the stacks of wood ready for the stove.
Imagine the crackling of dry leaves being stomped in autumn, and the smell of rain as the air gets more and more pungent.
Imagine the creaking sound of fresh, crunchy snow under your feet in winter as you breathe the purest air there is.
No, you are not taking a trip. You’re going to work!
Can you imagine? This is exactly the case for the employees of Alpepragas, a leading Italian company that refines fruit.
It is located just a stone’s throw from Lake Braies, overlooking the woods and cultivated fields, in its splendid location of made of wood and glass, without disturbing at all the harmony of that landscape that hosts and surrounds it.
Stefan Gruber is the founder, and he is much more than an entrepreneur. He is a dreamer. Firm believer that each of us has the responsibility to treat with respect the resources that have been given to us by nature, to make them reach future generations intact, Alpe Pragas is an eco-sustainable company that has the aim of achieving a completely neutral production, in terms of co2, by 2027. Not only excellent products, with attention to every detail, including aesthetic ones, but above all love for their land.
It was a pleasure for us to work with them, to enjoy all the beauty that surrounds them that even they never take for granted, despite seeing it every day.

Stefania Giorgi

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